Purveyor of Custom Hand Spun Bondage Rope

Sensually Bound is a purveyor of fine hand spun custom jute bondage rope, hand made by SenBound. 

The closest to Japanese rope you can find in America.

Our Original Hand made rope is spun from 30 individual yarns, in to three separate strands and then in to the finished product. A 5.75mm by 8M (~26ft) of Soft Golden Jute Bondage Rope. 

Some bondage rope available in the US is way too tight and will not hold a tight friction or knot, or some rope is  way too loose and completely falls apart after only being used a few times, or even before being used at all ! 

Because each piece is carefully crafted by Senbound, he can achieve the lay and type you have been looking for. 

Our standard medium lay rope is soft, golden and light, but with a dense feel, giving you ultimate control over your  tie. 

ANY custom lay or twist can be ordered and created. Just ask!



It's not about the destination,  it's about the journey. 


Rope & Twine Specifications